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Our story

Our story begins in 2006., when a hobby became a true calling for the center's founder, Anton Klenovar, known by everyone as Toni. Searching for a way to bring some tranquility to his life, he discovered diving and after a while, decided to share his love for diving with others. His diving experience, supported with young forces will ensure your diving journey to be spectacular.


Our goal is to convey the pleasure of diving to everyone who is willing to explore what's hiding beneath the sea surface.

Our story

Why the name "Ceti Sub"?

Cetus by aeryael on DevianArt.jfif

The prefix sub means "below", so as a diving center, it made sense to include it in the name.

Besides, we literally are "below Ceti", as the constellation follows us on our aquatic adventures!

In Ancient Greek, kētŏs (plural kētē), later Latinized as cetus (pl. ceti), is any huge sea creature or sea monster. It is most strongly associated with Cetus the sea-monster, who was slain by Perseus as he saved the princess Andromeda from Poseidon's wrath.

Fun fact!


Ceti were often depicted as serpentine fish in Greek art, hence the idea for our logo.

Cetus is also the name of a constellation.
It is in the middle of "The Sea" recognized by mythologists, a set of water-associated constellations, its other members being Eridanus, Pisces, Piscis Austrinus and Aquarius.


Allow Ceti to guide you on your diving journey, and you'll always have some fun stories to tell!

A version of Cetus, like the one from the animated movie "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas"

Origin of Ceti

Meet The Team



Goran is a R3 diver and our occasional skipper.  He's been scuba diving since 2014., encouraged by his passion for underwater photography. Being a computer and electronics technician, Goran is your go-to guy if you encounter any difficulties with your equipment.


Anton (Toni)

As the owner of our center, Toni makes sure that everything's in order and to give our guests the best experience possible. He is also an experienced diving instructor, licensed according to CMAS and PADI, and enjoys sharing his love for diving with others. 



Una is a R3 dive leader who began diving 7 years ago and never looked back. She takes great comfort and peace from being in the water and loves nothing more than sharing the beauty of the underwater Adriatic world with others. She harbours a special love for seahorses and squid.


Toni Jr.

Toni is our resident skipper and an R2 diver. He grew up in and on the water and in the riggings of boats, and he now helps handle the day-to-day running of the center.

Bez naslova.png


Vlado is an industrial pedagogy professor and one of the first diving instructors in Pula. He is a certified CMAS Three Star Instructor and Oxygen provider instructor. With diving experience of 56 years, rest assured you're in good hands with Vlado.

Meet the team
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